Secondly, a business plan is very rigid and this denies the business any freedom or chances of inputting new ideas or engaging in new courses. Most businesses are successful due to freedom of incorporating new innovations and letting go of some of the things they see as overtaken by time and opportunities. However, a business plan strictly stipulates the course to be taken by the business and this can be disadvantageous since other rival companies who might have incorporated the new ideas might run them out of service and take most of their customers. Any business plan is mostly done by the business owner or an employee within the company. This makes it virtually impossible to attain objectivity and fairness. They all tend to create a plan which is only in line with their thinking and this can be a biased view. Most planners create a plan according to their wishes as opposed to the real status of the business. Thus as much as you create a business plan, try to include the actual status and plan in line with realistic and achievable goals.