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What to give for a child's Christening

Baptism day is one of the most important days and celebrations in the life of every believer. This is a sacrament to which only the closest relatives are invited. On this day, the godmother and father must justify the parents' trust and approach the choice of a gift for the baby very responsibly. Toys and clothes do not belong to the sacrament.

Мірна ікона

A name icon for baptism is the best gift

Baptism is the second birth of a child, only spiritual. A personal icon or image of the Guardian Angel will be an ideal gift for such an occasion. It will become a real family heirloom and will accompany a person throughout life, and it will also be passed down from generation to generation. You can view the entire assortment on the website and choose a wonderful gift for such an important event.

From early childhood, children are taught to respect and love their names. Each believer had two names: the first was chosen for him by his parents, and the second was traditionally given in honor of his deputy after Baptism. The birthday or commemoration of such a saint becomes a person's name day.

A nominal icon is an image of a saint under whose name an Orthodox person was baptized. Previously, the icons of the intercessors were especially revered, each believer had his own personal icon. After the rite of baptism, the parents placed the image next to the baby's crib. They understood that it is important from the first days of a child's life to surround him with warmth, kindness and blessed images of saints.

There are several ways of depicting the saint:

Main: The icon shows a close-up of the saint's head;

Appearance: On the icon, in addition to the face, there are the shoulders of the saint;

Thoracic: The icon ends at the bottom at the level of the chest;

Waist: Here the saint is depicted up to the waist. In this version of the icon, a very important detail is the gestures of his hands;

In full height: The saint is depicted in full height.

It should be remembered that the most important part of the name icon is the face. The eyes are the spiritual center of the image. Therefore, the relic should not be too small. The face should be clearly visible.

How to choose the right name icon

The choice of such a gift should be approached very responsibly. The saint depicted on the icon must be related to the person to whom the gift is given. There should be a face or image of the patron saint under whose name the person was baptized. The name can be found out in advance in the church or in a special church calendar. If there is no name similar to this, the child is baptized under the name of the saint, which is closest in date of birth or memory to the date of baptism or birth of the child.

It is also necessary to find out whether the child's birthday coincides with an important church date. Yes, in addition to the name icon, an icon dedicated to this holiday would be an appropriate gift. For example, if a child was born on September 21, then the "Christmas of the Blessed Virgin Mary" icon will be perfect for her.

Measure icon made of amber

If you still need a name icon, and the child's name is very rare, then you can make an icon to order. A measuring icon is specially written. It got its name from the fact that the child's image is written at full height. Here you can see the observance of iconographic traditions. They measure the height of the newborn baby and write a name icon on the board of exactly the same size.

This ancient custom has survived among believers to our time. Previously, only royal families could afford such images, but history tells us that the common people had modest icons, although simpler.

Remember that the name icon is appropriate for any holiday: birthday, Angel's Day, Christmas, Easter, and just about any other day. The main thing is that every Orthodox person should have such an icon, then it will bring good luck and accompany her throughout her life.

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